Project Details
Work Type Widening and Reconstruction
Phase Completed
Limits From north of CR 54 to north of SR 52
Length 6.7 miles
  • San Antonio
  • Pasco
  • I-75
  • SR 52
Contact Information
Media Contact
John McShaffrey, APR

Project was final accepted on June 22, 2018

The Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT) contractor is widening Interstate 75 from the existing four lanes to six lanes (3 in each direction) from north of County Road 54 to north of State Road 52 in Pasco County. 

The project includes adding lanes in each direction, resurfacing the existing lanes, extensive drainage construction, overhead signing, and high mast lighting.  When finished, there will be three 12-foot wide lanes in each direction.

The State Road 52 interchange will remain a diamond shaped interchange with one exception: A loop ramp will be added to the interchange for westbound SR 52 traffic entering southbound I-75. Ramp intersections will have traffic signals to assist with traffic flow entering and exiting I-75.

There will be extensive reconstruction of SR 52 at I-75, from west of Old Pasco Road to east of Corporate Lake Boulevard, where this section will be built to a six-lane roadway that transitions to the existing roadway outside of these limits. Frontage roads will also be constructed on both the north and south side of SR 52, west of I-75.

Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations will be provided in both directions (eastbound and westbound) of SR 52, including on-street bicycle lanes.  Standard sidewalk will be built on the south side and a 10-foot wide sidewalk will be provided on the north side.