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Tampa, FL -- Eastbound I-4 traffic entering northbound I-75 was switched to a new ramp Thursday morning, April 12. This traffic switch directs ramp traffic from eastbound I-4 onto the same ramp system as the westbound I-4 to northbound I-75 traffic movement (which opened March 13) and eliminates one merge point within the I-4/I-75 interchange.

Motorists entering northbound I-75 from I-4 should be alert to a new merge location on the ramp system, just under a ¼ mile north of where the two ramp lanes begin running side-by-side. At that point, traffic merges from the right lane to the left lane into one combined auxiliary lane. Traffic in the auxiliary lane can continue north for almost a mile before it has to merge into the mainline travel lanes, just south of the Tampa Bypass Canal.

The combined ramp for both eastbound and westbound access to northbound I-75 is expected to improve northbound traffic flow through the interchange and give motorists more room to merge safely from I-4 onto northbound I-75.

For information on the I-75/I-4 interchange improvement project, please visit: http://www.fdottampabay.com/project/83/428954-1-52-01