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Project Details
Work Type Interchange Improvement
Phase Construction
Limits from north of the Selmon Expressway to south of CR 574 (Broadway Avenue)
Project Start September 2018
Construction Cost $52.3 million
Estimated Completion Fall 2022
Contractor Prince Contracting, LLC

This project will rebuild and lengthen the SR 60 entrance ramps onto northbound I-75 and modify the southbound I-75 exit ramp to the Selmon Expressway (Exit 256) to improve safety and traffic flow on I-75. The construction will include entrance ramp reconstruction, including new bridges and bridge widening, and upgrades to drainage and lighting. This project has been combined with design projects 428955-1 and 428956-1 to be built as a single construction project.

Major interchange changes

  • Traffic entering northbound I-75 from eastbound SR 60 will use the reconstructed “loop ramp” and join with traffic coming from US 301 and the Selmon Expressway. These two ramps will merge into one lane that will enter northbound I-75 as a fourth lane (auxiliary lane), which will then merge into the right northbound through-lane just over one-half mile north of SR 60. This new entry point will be about 2,000 feet north of the current entrance ramp.
  • The ramp for traffic entering northbound I-75 from westbound SR 60 will also be reconstructed. This new ramp will enter northbound I-75 as a fourth lane (auxiliary lane), which will then merge into the through-lanes about one-and-a-half miles north of SR 60 (which is over a mile north of the current entry point).
  • For southbound I-75, traffic exiting to the Selmon Expressway will use a new, relocated ramp connection that will exit just north of SR 60 onto the existing frontage ramp system that feeds traffic to the Selmon Expressway and US 301. The current exit ramp connection to the Selmon Expressway (which is just south of SR 60) will be closed. This new configuration will increase safety by allowing traffic more room to merge on the ramp lanes that are located west of the southbound I-75 mainline travel lanes.
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Contact Information
Construction Manager
Tom Lay
Media Contact
John McShaffrey
Lane Closures
  • There are no lane closures at this time.