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Project Details
Work Type Corridor Study
Phase Study
Limits From Shore Drive South to 66th Street
Length 1.66 miles

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District Seven, is conducting a corridor planning study along SR 693 (Pasadena Avenue) from Shore Drive South to 66th Street in Pinellas County – a distance of approximately 1.659 miles. SR 693 (Pasadena Avenue) is a north-south roadway that serves as a major commercial and commuter highway that traverses through the City of South Pasadena and City of Saint Petersburg. The corridor itself is an evacuation route and viewed as a gateway from the central business district and outlying areas of the City of St. Petersburg to the northern end of the St. Pete Beach communities.

The SR 693 (Pasadena Avenue) Corridor Study will use FDOT’s Complete Streets policy to showcase how Complete Streets approaches can shape a corridor. The study, which began in January 2017, is expected to continue for approximately 18 months and will include technical work and data analysis, along with various opportunities for the public to be involved in discussing a vision for SR 693 (Pasadena Avenue) that makes it accessible for all users.

We invite you to get involved! The public plays an important role in the project development and decision-making process of this study. There are multiple ways to get involved—call, write, or email us – see the Contact Information page for further details. There will also be a number of opportunities to participate in person, including:

  • PUBLIC KICK-OFF MEETING: A Public Kick-off Meeting was conducted to introduce the project and obtain comments from the general public. This meeting will be informal and conducted in an open house format. For a copy of the presentation provided at the Kickoff Meeting held on June 7, 2017, please click here.
  • ONLINE SURVEY: This is another opportunity to be heard. The Online Survey is a tool used by the project team to understand issues and concerns you may have long the corridor.
  • PROJECT ADVISORY GROUP (PAG) MEETINGS: A series of PAG will be held throughout the study. The first meeting will be used to obtain valuable insight from the public to help develop a vision for the future corridor. After the Visioning Workshop, a second meeting with PAG will occur to gain input on possible alternatives for near-term and long-term improvements. The last PAG meeting will be scheduled after the Alternatives Public Meeting to present the refined proposed alternatives that will be incorporated into the Corridor Alternatives and Strategies Report (CASR). If you would like to participate in the PAG meetings, please click here to fill out a form and indicate your interest.
  • VISIONING WORKSHOP: At the Visioning Workshop the project team will report the findings from the PAG meetings and will ask for input from the public to refine the vision for the corridor.
  • ALTERNATIVES PUBLIC MEETING: At the Alternatives Public Meeting the project team will present the near-term and long-term improvements and ask for input from the public to refine the proposed alternatives.

Please visit the project website at http://www.fdotd7studies.com/pasadenaave/

Send us your comments and ideas to help us define the vision for SR 693 (Pasadena Avenue), and determine the most appropriate conceptual design alternatives for this portion of SR 693 (Pasadena Avenue). You can also invite us to speak at one of your own meetings! Please click here to request an update on this project.

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Contact Information
Study Manager
Brian L. Shroyer
Media Contact
Kris Carson
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