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Project Details
Work Type Widening
Phase Construction
Limits north of W Socrum Loop Road to south of CR 54
Project Start July 26, 2023
Length 9 miles
Construction Cost $123.3 million
Estimated Completion Early 2028
Contractor Prince-Ajax US 98 Constructors

This design-build project will widen US 98 from a two-lane undivided roadway to a 4-lane divided highway from W Socrum Loop Road / Hall Road to the Pasco County line (just south of CR 54 in Pasco County). The contractor is responsible for finalizing the design plans and building the improvements. The final design portion of the contract is working towards completion. Construction began January  3, 2024 for project work items, such as clearing and erosion control, that have completed and approved plans.

Two roundabouts will be built at the US 98 intersections at Big Cypress Boulevard and at SR 471. Shared use paths will be constructed on both sides of the highway from Hall Road / W Socrum Loop Road to just north of Rock Ridge Road.

Other work items along the corridor include drainage improvements, wildlife crossings under the roadway, and pedestrian crosswalks at the Rock Ridge Road and Big Cypress Boulevard intersections.

A separate widening project in Pasco County is being constructed by the same contracting team. Information on that project can be found at https://www.fdottampabay.com/project/885/443368-3-52-01.

Speed limit reduced on US 98 in northern Polk County

Lakeland -- For driver and worker safety, the speed limit on US 98 in the construction zone from W Socrum Loop Road to CR 54 has been reduced to 45 MPH. This speed limit is set to remain at 45 MPH throughout the duration of the US 98 widening project. Drivers are encouraged to be on the lookout for construction workers and equipment and are reminded that speeding violation fines are doubled in construction zones when workers are present.

Please note: The US 98 project from north of W Socrum Loop to south of CR 54 is within District One of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) but is being managed by FDOT District Seven. For information on other FDOT District One projects in Polk County, please visit https://www.swflroads.com.

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