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Project Details
Work Type Interchange Improvement
Phase Design
Limits I-75 at Big Bend Road (CR 672) Exit 246
Design Cost $1.93 million

Due to the rapid growth in the South county area, the Department of Transportation has partnered with Hillsborough County to find longer term solutions to address the traffic congestion in the area of the Interstate 75 interchange at Big Bend Road (BBR). 

Proposed improvements include the complete reconstruction of the I-75 interchange and Big Bend Road.

A new northbound on-ramp for westbound BBR traffic and a new southbound off-ramp for westbound BBR traffic will be built. This will eliminate the need to cross BBR to get on or off I-75 from the North. The storage area at the base of the I-75 northbound off ramp will be increased.  An additional left turn lane onto BBR westbound will be added.

The southbound I-75 exit lane approaching to BBR will be lengthened. An additional left turn lane from the SB I-75 ramp to westbound BBR will be added, creating a triple left. A dual right turn lane controlled by a signal from the SB I-75 ramp to eastbound BBR will be added.  

Big Bend Road (BBR) will be widened between Covington Garden Drive and Simmons Loop from a 4-lane divided road to 6 lanes including enhanced pedestrian, bicycle and bus facilities.

The bridges on Old Big Bend Road and Big Bend Road will be rebuilt.  

Construction is anticipated to begin in 2021 with a construction estimate of $93.4 million. 

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Contact Information
Design Manager
Justin Hall
Media Contact
Kris Carson
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