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Project Details
Work Type Corridor Study
Phase Study
Limits from Memorial Highway to I-275
Length 5.8 miles

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Seven is conducting the Hillsborough Avenue Corridor Evaluation (HACE) study to evaluate travel related problems, needs and issues along Hillsborough Avenue (SR 580 /US 92) in Hillsborough County, Florida.

The study will evaluate the corridor for capacity issues, traffic operations, safety, access management, freight movements, transit, bicycles, and pedestrian movements. Traffic operations will be evaluated for existing and future forecasted travel characteristics. Once the existing and future no-build conditions are established, the study will then identify potential workable solutions to address needs. At the completion of this study, it would develop planned, implementable series of short- and long-term solutions that balance safety and mobility in the study corridor.

The HACE study will identify, from a traffic standpoint, capacity and operational deficiencies and needs of the Hillsborough Avenue corridor. This Traffic Study will serve as the basis for the analysis of issues and needs and identifying potential solutions, and also for conceptual alternatives development in support of this potential PD&E Study. The study would also identify type of Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study actions necessary for various improvements developed for this project to maintain the environmental and planning linkage. The specific objective of the study is to prepare a series of reports documenting the requirements for preliminary design, operational improvements, and other recommended improvements. The study will evaluate the alternatives and make recommendations as to the best selection.

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Contact Information
Study Manager
Brian L. Shroyer
Media Contact
Kris Carson
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