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Project Details
Work Type Lighting
Phase Completed
Limits I-275 Sunshine Skyway Bridge

As of June 30, 2021, all work associated with this project has been completed.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is the gateway to Tampa Bay and the flagship bridge of Florida. The Skyway Lighting Project is a unique enhancement, unlike any other in the world. The project will stand for the Tampa Bay region as an inspiration for residents and all who visit.

This project will install decorative lighting on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, creating a visual aesthetic and enhancing safety and security by providing more light to the underside of the bridge.

The lighted section will include all the sloped and main span of the bridge for a total of 8,860 feet (1.7 miles) along the bridge.

Column Lights: The wide faces of all columns will be illuminated by floodlighting fixtures mounted to the underside of the deck and box girders, washing along the height of each column, fading out as it gets toward the water line.

Profile Lights: Along the length of the main span and high level approaches, “necklace” lights will be mounted on brackets that allow the fixtures to be directed straight out.


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Contact Information
Media Contact
Kris Carson
Lane Closures
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Project Images
Skyway Sunrise Sunset
Skyway Elegant
Skyway Fireworks
Skyway Patriotic
Skyway Majestic
Skyway Warm Gateway
Skyway Verdant Green
Skyway Waves