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Project Details
Work Type Striping
Phase Construction
Project Start Early 2021
Construction Cost $71,400
Estimated Completion Spring 2021
Contractor AKCA, LLC

This project will install Dynamic Envelopes at multiple railroad crossings in eastern Hillsborough County.

The crossings include  2- SR 60 (Valrico and Hopewell), 2- Alexander St (SR 39), 2- US 92 (Reynolds St. and Baker St.)

Dynamic envelopes are roadway markings used to increase safe stopping behavior and safety for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic at grade rail crossings. These markings indicate the clearance needed for trains to safely pass. 

By keeping vehicles outside of the dynamic envelopes, fewer vehicles will be stopped too close to or actually on the tracks, thereby reducing the danger to vehicles, occupants, train crews, passengers and bystanders.

The goal is to positively influence driver behavior and reduce the number of incidents and injuries sustained at rail crossings.

The project is expected to begin early 2021.  All of the above locations should be completed in the spring 2021. 

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Contact Information
Construction Manager
Kouser Manzer
Media Contact
Kris Carson
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